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Parisa Defaie

Board of Advisors

Parisa Defaie, an esteemed television host, producer, actress and public speaker, has won widespread popularity among young filmmakers worldwide for her TV series about cinema, which ran on PBC Network. She has conducted high-profile TV interviews with entertainment notables like Academy Award President, Sidney Ganis, and other acclaimed personalities.

Recognized for her unique vision and expertise, as well as for her desire to share her passion with the next generation of young actors and filmmakers, Ms. Defaie has spearheaded numerous philanthropic projects dedicated to community, families, and entertainment technology. She has established a specialty in program integration and strategic media marketing of semiconductors and recently proposed a new start-up, TechYar, an online source of technology and education, powered by top Silicon Valley executives.

Ms. Defaie graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in television production and earned an executive leadership degree from Stanford University.